Char-Broil BBQs
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Char-Broil, an American company, brought the first ever charcoal grills to the market in 1948. Constant development and innovation as led to a brilliant range of feature packed outdoor cookers.
Check out our extensive range... we are sure there will be a model to suit your needs.
Gas Grills
The Professional Series™ 4 burner grill is a perfect large-sized barbecue for master grillers. Start it up with the push of a button. With infrared technology this grill heats up faster, hotter and more evenly for less grill flare ups and juicier food. Also enjoy greater cooking versatility with the removable cast iron hot plate included with the side burner which has a high lid. It’s ideal for eggs, vegetables and pancakes.
$1,599 INC GST • Cover + $120
CharBroil Professional IR 525
The Professional Series™ 3-burner grill is a perfect mid-sized barbecue for master grillers. Start it up with the push of a button. With infrared technology this grill heats up faster, hotter and more evenly for less grill flare ups and juicier food.
$1,299 INC GST • Cover + $100
The Professional 2-burner grill is perfect for those looking for a smaller gas grill that’s big on features. Start it up with the push of a button and once the grill’s going, our infrared technology heats it up faster, hotter and more evenly. Heat’s sent directly to food, sealing in juices. Folding side shelves give you extra work space and make it easy to store. Our grates are designed for durability and easy cleaning.
$899 INC GST • Cover + $70
CharBroil Professional IR 325
Turn the garden into an outdoor kitchen and cook for all your friends and family with the Performance T-47G gas barbecue. With the largest cooking surface in Char-Broil’s line of barbecues, the Char-Broil Performance T-47G has four primary burners, a sideburner, a large warming rack and two side shelves for easy preparation. SureFire® electronic ignition ensures a perfect start every time. Precise cooking control is easy with four grate-level temperature gauges.
$1,599 INC GST • Cover + $120
CharBroil Performance T47G
The Char-Broil Performance T-36G5 is a three-burner gas barbecue with a sleek look – a stainless body, hood and side shelves. The Char-Broil TRU-Infrared system offers a wide range of temperatures for slow roasting, searing and everything in between. With the SureFire® electronic ignition and an igniter at every burner, the barbecue can be lit and cooked on in a matter of minutes. The fully enclosed two door cart houses the LPG cylinder and other barbecuing tools.
$1,299 INC GST • Cover + $100
The Patio Bistro 240’s sleek and modern design complements any small space and its high performance cooking system makes it both powerful and easy to use. It includes stainless steel grates and a warming rack. Note you can now purchase a hotplate separately to place over the grates when you require a solid cooking surface.
$499 INC GST • Cover + $70
Patio Bistro 240
Portable Gas Grills
Looking to take your gas grilling on the go? Look no further than the Portable Patio Bistro® gas grill. Features include a push-button ignition, lid-mounted temperature gauge, and stainless steel grates. It’s designed to be sturdy and convenient, so you can set up your grill with you when you’re tailgating, camping or on the beach.
$399 INC GST 
Patio Bistro 180
A portable gas grill designed for camping, tailgating and grilling on the go. Compact size and weight, with a latching lid.
$499 INC GST • Carry-all cover + $200
Charcoal Grills

Enjoy ultimate control when you are barbecuing, roasting, baking or smoking on the versatile Kettleman™ Grill:

  • Super-sized damper on the lid opens to let heat out and closes to increase cooking temperature

  • Infrared no-fall-through vitreous enamel cooking grill keeps food on top, prevents flare-ups and distributes heat evenly

  • Slide-in removable ash bowl for easy cleaning

$399 INC GST • Cover + $60

Charcoal grillers will love the Char-Broil Barrel grill. This durable grill features adjustable fire grates and dampers, as well as a removable ash pan. The grates are cast iron, which are great for searing. It also has a swing-a-way warming rack, temperature gauge and a handy side shelf. Move the grill easily with rolling castors.

$349 INC GST 
Smokers & Roasters

The Big Easy® Smoker Roaster & grill lets you smoke, roast and grill - all in one. With TRU-Infrared there are no flare-ups and your food cooks evenly and juicy. It lights quickly and easily with the turn of a knob and there is a removable grease tray for easy clean ups.

$599 INC GST • Cover + $40