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Menzies Contracting and Drainlaying
Contracting & Drainlaying
  • Drainlaying

  • Pot-holing & Augering

  • Video Inspection

  • Directional Drilling

  • Thrust Boring

  • Septic Tanks and cleaning

  • Excavation and driveways

  • Waterrotor Irrigation Value systems

  • Repairs and maintenance

Whether laying water pipes, clearing blocked drains or septic tanks, or installing the latest environmentally friendly sewage treatment system, we have the solution.
Menzies Contracting and Drilling offer a wide range of services which include; horizontal directional drilling with enables trenchless boring, thrust boring, potholing, augers for drilling into ground and excavations of sections or driveways.
We have an extensive range of specialist equipment to tackle any project as efficiently as possible.
Menzies provide traffic management services for all situtaions.
If you need these services give us a call and talk to us about compliance requirements. We have the qualified staff and the equipment to manage your site safely and efficiently.
Traffic Management Solutions
Drainage, Drainlaying & Unblocking Pipes
Unblocking drains; installation or servicing septic tanks; or laying new pipes - CALL MENZIES. We have qualified staff and the equipment to get the job done.

We clear or repair all inside and outside drain pipes - Sinks, Toilets, Showers, Laundry, Sewer & Stormwater.

We have modern equipment to ensure the job is quick and effective. These include TV and video drain cameras for drain inspections and drain clearing machine.

We specialise in eco-friendly sewage or waste water treatment systems. Ask about a Biolytics system. We can design and install a sewage disposal system to meet your requirements and conform to council regulations. Traditional tank and field irrigation systems or treatment systems with dripline irrigation in mulched plantings.

We can supply, install and maintain water tanks and have pumps no-matter what your need.

Hassle free project management - no job is too big or too small for our qualified drain laying staff. Menzies offers an integrated service and has loads of experience. Our team consists of qualified; plumbers, gasfitters and drainlayers. We are also experienced in backflow prevention and are IPQ qualified.

Directional Drilling

Trenchless directional drilling can be a very cost effective solution. Call Menzies Contracting today and find out more.

Using modern quality equipment from Vermeer, coupled with the latest electronic guidance systems we are able to install ducting for services or piping.  All this is able to be completed with a minimum of disturbance to the environment and in areas where traditional trenching methods would create to much disturbance or be impractical.

Directional Drilling
‘Potholing’ for Utilities Saves Time and Money

Damaging existing utilities can be costly in terms of project downtime and potential contractor fines. Potholing was developed to safely and economically uncovering utilities
The low-pressure water and air will not damage existing utilities like a backhoe, compact excavator or shovel. In fact, the air and water move around the existing utilities, giving the operator a clear view.


While locators are becoming more accurate, it's still important to see exactly where the line or pipe is located. Regulations require services to be identified before the use of machinery around these services. Usually contractors will dig by hand to visually locate the cables or pipes. A safer and more effective alternative is available by using a non-destructive method like vacuum excavators.
Using a vacuum excavator instead of a shovel has advantages. A shovel against a water pipe is non-destructive, but on a fiber optic line a shovel can be as destructive as a backhoe, especially in hard ground conditions.
When cable has been installed using horizontal directional drills (HDD) rather than trenchers, so you don't have the old-fashioned ditch line to warn the person tasked with finding the cable that the cable is near.

Thrust Boring Soil Displacement (Moling)
Thrust Boring
Benefits of Thrust Boring

Pipes that are placed down by Thrust Boring can be used for gas, water, telecommunication wires, sewage etc. Thrust Boring enables the pipes to be laid down more easily and with so much more accuracy.

  • Less expensive than traditional trenching methods.

  • Minimal excavation other than the necessary connection points

  • We pride ourselves in minimal disruption to our customers and their property, compared with traditional methods.

  • Moling is suitable for almost all types of soil conditions.

Biolytics Septic Tank Waste Water Treatment System

Biolytix works with nature, doesn't fight you save

12 Reasons to buy a Biolytics System
  • The ecosystem in a tank treats the waste: no expensive aerators to run, fix and replace

  • Cuts electricity use by around 90%: reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 1 tonne per annum

  • No routine pump-outs: save sludge transport and disposal costs

  • Only one annual check-up: most others need 3 - 4 services each year

  • The only treatment system approved to treat household food waste

  • No need to space showers and washing: adapts to your family needs

  • You can't hear it: no droning aerators up to 12 hours every day

  • Odourless: no septic stage; no smell from vent pipes

  • Negligible methane emitted: septics emit large amounts, 21 times as potent as carbon dioxide

  • Chemical-free system: no chlorine continually disposed of in your garden

  • The most compact system: less to transport; less disruption to the garden

  • Safe and waterwise irrigation: doesn't waste water or potentially spray pathogens around

Rx Plastics Airtech Systems

RX Plastics manufactures product to assist in the disposal of effluent from two main sources.
Domestic sewage treatment - Airtech aerated septic tank systems and the standard Septic tank systems. Our lightweight aerated wastewater treatment plants are designed to process and recycle all domestic sewage and wastewater effectively. RX septic tanks provide a simple, practical and efficient on-site alternative for managing household sewage disposal.

Aerated Wastewater Treatment System

The AirTech™ 9000 system is an efficient, lightweight sewage treatment plant that safely and effectively processes all household sewage and wastewater and recycles it as clear, odourless nutrient enriched water to irrigate landscape, shelterbelt, coppice wood lots or existing planted areas.For the environmentally minded this means that the sewage and wastewater is treated on the property where it is produced and then recycled for reuse with little or no environmental impact on the land.
The AirTech™ 9000 Aerated Wastewater Treatment System (AWTS) is New Zealand's most innovative sewage treatment system specifically designed to maximise the treatment of all household sewage and wastewater.Before we bring any product to the market, we throughly explore and test all aspects of the design and function to ensure that by the time it reaches you, we know it will perform to our usual exacting standards.
The AirTech™ 9000 system's innovative design is the result of over 4 years commitment to developing the best sewage and wastewater treatment system available today.Our goal was to make a simple, lightweight, polyethylene system and at the same time avoid the failings of existing plastic tank systems that have been tried with varying degrees of success in the past.
Designed recognising the latest industry standards and incorporating many innovative features we believe the AirTech™ 9000 is unequalled by any existing polyethylene tank system available today.

Waterotor Irrigation Valves

Designed to control the flow of water to sprinkler lines without the use of solenoid valves, the Waterotor comes in four and six outlet models. Six outlet models can serve as three outlet valves and four outlet models as two outlet

Both the water inlets and outlets, which we refer to as ports, are threaded to receive 20mm plastic fittings

The entire flow of water from the inlet line is switched to each of the outlet lines in a continuous sequential manner without electrical or mechanical control.

Water flowing through the Waterotor turns an impellor, which through gearing opens internal valves to deliver an equal amount of water to each outlet.

waterotor irrigation valves

Water supply can also be from a suitable pump, in which case the flow to the Waterotor is controlled by turning the pump on and off.

Any water suitable for plant growth can be passed through the Waterotor, which is corrosion resistant. The water however must be free from solid contaminents which can lodge in the internal mechanism and cause malfunction, as with any irrigation control valve.

There is a minimum water flow requirement of about 18 litres per minute passing through the Waterotor to ensure trouble free operation. If the speed of the flow is too slow the impellor stops turning and the valve will not change from port to port.

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