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Heat Pumps
It is important to choose a heat pump that is designed to perform in extreme New Zealand conditions.
There are many models and options available: High Wall Mounted, Cassette Type, Floor Console, Under Ceiling Type, Ducted Systems, Split systems, Inverters, Plasma and more.
Rely on our expertise to supply and install a heat pump system that best meets your needs.
Menzies has chosen to supply and install quality Mitsubishi Electric Hypercore heat pumps.  These Heat Pumps are guaranteed to deliver its full rated heating capacity of heat output right down to -15°C.
We also supply Toshiba Heat pumps.
Menzies Toshiba Heat Pumps
Menzies Mitsubishi Heat Pumps
Please visit the links here for more infomation on the latest range of heatpumps available.
Mitsubishi Heat Pump features
Unique Hypercore compressor 
Menzies The new unique Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-FB~VAH Series HyperCore® Heat Pump is guaranteed to deliver its full rated heating capacity of heat output right down to -15°C.
Energy saving “i-see” temperature control
This advanced sensing technology reduces energy consumption by maintaining air temperature and controlling air movement to prevent excessive heating and cooling as well as unnecessary operation.
Energy saving Energy Star
ENERGY STAR is the global mark of energy efficiency. All models in the FB range have been awarded the ENERGY STAR signalling that they meet strict energy efficiency guidelines. You can rest assured these will provide the highest level of energy efficiency without compromising on performance or quality.
Mitsubishi Electric's MSZ-FB VAH HyperCore® Inverter Wall Mounted Heat Pumps have built in filtration systems that offer a defence barrier from common allergens such as dust mites and pollen. This is particularly helpful for those suffering from asthma or allergies.
Plasma Duo Filter System
The Plasma Duo Filter system keeps the air pure which is ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers. It has two plasma air purifying functions that work together to remove airborne dirt particles from micron to nano-size in scale.
Self Cleaning “Ozone Shower”
To ensure the coil is clean and free from impurities, the indoor coil will be automatically cleaned with Ozone after the unit has been operating in cooling mode.
Whisper quiet
Mitsubishi Electric have a long standing reputation for offering extremely quiet operation. At only 20dBA in cooling and 21dBA in heating the MSZ-FB35VAH HyperCore® is one of the quietest heat pumps available in New Zealand..
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